About the author

Arbitration - Ireland, International, Construction, Engineering, Power Generation - CVS Doyle Agencies

I am a 64 year old mechanical engineer with experience in:

  • power generation installation & maintenance
  • power generation controls systems and plant commissioning
  • project management of construction projects
  • general management of electronics manufacturing business
  • consulting in defence of claims in the insurance sector
  • consulting in litigation and arbitration of commercial disputes
  • sales and marketing at senior B2B levels in the US and European markets

I have worked on GE, Siemens Westinghouse MHI, and ABB power generation systems throughout the US, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

I have experience in senior international corporate business development, sales & marketing, and general management roles in power generation services, telecommunications equipment, and electric motor technologies for the commercial HVAC industry.

I have worked since the late 1990’s in a range of consultancy roles, to include:

  • assisting with due diligence exercises for large infrastructure investments
  • providing expert witness services to the insurance industry and in the courts
  • assisting parties with project refinancing negotiations and related litigation
  • assisting parties in arbitration and arbitrating disputes
  • providing consultancy services to a national trade and industry association.

My professional career has revolved around the troubleshooting and resolution of technology, organization, marketing, personnel and relationship issues in the industries in which I have worked.

I champion arbitration as a very powerful resolution system for a wide range of disputes in modern business.

See more details here: CVS Doyle, Resume.